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Brand image and tracking

Do you plan to expand your brand presence in a country? Is your company trying to develop a multi-country roof strategy? Is this the right solution for your brand? How is your Brand image evolving?

Random ICP conducts qualitative brand image studies to gain in-depth insights from target consumers on their current brand perception, as well as their usage and attitudes. This provides a start point to define the brand or copy strategy.

The qualitative phase is used to develop a concise battery of key variables defining the brand image. These variables are then used as the basis for a quantitative brand tracking survey.

Quantitative Brand image surveys measure the importance and evolution over time of each of the key indicators contributing to a company’s ‘brand health’. Typical indicators for brand-health tracking are:

These indicators are measured and their evolution tracked at regular intervals.

Why not ask Random ICP to propose a tailor-made solution for your Brand image research?