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Concept tests

How do the target consumers for a new product or service perceive and react to it? Should your company ‘Go’/’No-Go’ with the concept?

Depending on the stage of your concept development, Random ICP will propose Qualitative and/or Quantitative concept-testing methodologies to refine your concepts prior to market launch.

Typical stimuli material used for concept tests include:

Qualitative concept testing gives clients insights on how their target consumers understand the concept, and what are the triggers and the potential barriers. They can make in-depth comparisons of multiple concepts, and pre-select the most promising concept(s) for further development.


Quantitative concept testing enables clients to retain one concept amongst a limited number of concepts. Typical measures used by Random ICP are overall liking, trial rates, purchase intention, likes/dislikes, positioning, etc., in order to benchmark the concept against the brand objectives, and to fine-tune the concept prior to market launch.

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